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FARAH COSMETIC line has been an innovator in cosmetic care for many years. When it comes to the area of cosmetics care, FARAH COSMETICS has had special achievements in formulating special facial methods and beauty massage techniques.
FARAH COSMETIC treatment especially tackles skin problems and the results of poor skin care. Highly effective ingredients consisting of CARVIA D.N.A., VITAMIN C, VITAMIN A, BETA GLUCAN, CSIII, ARGIRELINE, and ACETYL HEXAPEPIDE 3, stimulate the skinís own response, because self-help is the best repair mechanism. The moisturizing complexes refresh and replenish depleted moisture reserves and ensure a fresh wrinkle-free skin. Vitamin complexes give the skin the ingredients that it needs to revitalize. Collagens give elasticity to the skin when there is an acute deficiency. CARVIAR D.N.A. BEAUTY AND WELLNESS AGING REDUCING TREATMENT, VITAMIN C FACE LIFTING TREAMENT, and ASA PEELING TREATMENT are the renovations in facial methods.
Visits to the beauty beauty salon cannot provide a complete solution to the many skin problems, A consistent continuation of care at home supports the outcome of the treatment received at the beauty beauty salon. FARAH COSMETICS gives the beautician the confident that the care products to be use at home are effective. Such formulas as CAVIAR D.N.A., VITAMIN A. CSIII COLLAGN STIMULATION, and BOT CARE-ARGIRELINE products are to be use for Anti Aging; Beta Glucan is special for the sensitive skin type.
Knowledge is Power, FARAH COSMETIC training centers give you the opportunity to learn the latest techniques of cosmetology. There you learn everything about the latest in active substance, most up-to date methods of treatment with high tech beauty equipment, such as ULTRASONIC, IPL&LHE, LED LIGHT, VAC and LASER SOFT LIGHT, FAR INFARED LIGHT, BIO LIGHT WITH LIFTING, OXYGEN INJECTION SYSTEM, etc, and successful retail selling skills.
FARAH COSMETIC also provides you with the training to become a professional beautician. FARAH COSMETICS also provides advertising support such as brochures, posters, DVD, public media magazines and professional beauty magazines. Combined articles in the press explain the achievements of the FARAH COSMETIC line in beauty beauty salon, SPA and cosmetics center.

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