Replaceable Filter For S8 KN-95

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Replaceable Filter For S8 KN-95

Filter Material:  
1. Non-woven 4-ply
2. Mask Style: Insert mask
3. Antibacterial non-woven fabric, bactericidal. inhibit bacterial growth, effectively filter hair.  dander      
    and large particles
4. Electrostatic  cotton: it has the dual functions of filtering and adsorption, blocking fine particles and
    electrostatically adsorbing fine particles, increasing dust holding capacity.
5. N95 .HEPA. Effectively filter 0.3 micron particles, efficiency  ≥95%
6. Non-woven fabric: inhibit the growth of bacteria 

Package: 10pcs /Bag Filter only

We ship from our New Jersey warehouse. We are able to provide all customers with shipment via UPS!  This product cannot be refunded or returned for personal hygiene reasons.

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