Table Divider Sneeze Guard 24" X 30" with Stands

  • $59.99

Help maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays with our clear plastic barriers. A transaction slot is included to make payments and everyday communications safe simple. This clear countertop sneeze shield is perfect for pharmacies, convenience stores, banks, food markets, and much more. its convenient knockdown-style design makes this acrylic barrier highly portable, which is great for test stations, trade shows, and events. This horizontal clear countertop sneeze shield will not only help your store enforce social distancing guidelines, but it will create an overall cleaner and safer environment.

This portable nail salon divider (measuring 24" tall and 30" wide) is ideal for providing a physical barrier between customers and nail salon technicians.  This barrier is made out of 1/8" acrylic and has an access hole for nail technicians to access clients fingers that measures 18" wide and 6" tall.  Included with it is two high density polyethylene bases with a track cut into it that the acrylic divider sits in - the bases measure 6" x 6".  These nail salon barriers ship/store flat and are easily assembled/disassembled. The white stands work best when inserted vertically on the sides to hold the acrylic shield in place.

  • 24" x 30" Horizontal Orientation
  • Clear 0.1875" Acrylic
  • 6" x 18" Slot for Transactions
  • Counter/Table Top Placement

To safeguard our employees and customers, we are not accepting returns at this time. All sales are final. Ships within a week from Georgia.

Note: Intended for commercial and industrial use.

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