White Disposable Apron, 100 Pcs/Box

  • $16.99

  • PROTECT CLOTHES FROM STAINS AND SPILLS: Great for hairdressers, change between each new hair client. These disposable aprons are full-length and keep your chest and leg area dry and safe from stains.
  • MADE FROM RECYCLABLE PLASTIC: Save on washing machine expenses! These disposable white aprons are constructed from premium plastic which won't tear easily and are recyclable to speed up your cleanup.
  • EXTRA-LONG TIES: Featuring extra-long ties, these disposable white aprons provide a comfortable and secure fit and won't loosen during use. Slip these on and off without any hassle!
  • CLASSIC WHITE FINISH: Each of these 100 aprons come in a white sheer finish and won't clash with the colors of your outfit. Look good and protect clothes while cooking or doing other messy tasks.

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