Peel-Off Mask Series

FARAH PEEL OFF MASK - its balanced composition is based on algae derivatives and active carbon that produce a spectacular release of coldness to tone and stimulate muscles.
Its ingredients contains algae derivatives that are almost 10 times richer in trace elements than land plants.
They contain a large quantity of polysaccharides that absorb external water while reacting with skin proteins, forming a large volume of active lotion with a revitalizing effect that is particularly noticeable on very dry or mature skin. They also contain free amino acids, organic and inorganic iodine synthesis, aloe vera, Vitamin C, collagen, and mineral salts.
The carbohydrates in these derivatives are capable of setting (solidifying) and forming a plastic film that produces a certain pressure on the area where it is applied. This allows the penetration of the active ingredients previously applied, and the reduction of edemas resulting from traumatism (facial, corporal surgery).
1. Cleanse with gel or lotion.
2. Apply Enzyme Peeling.F-215
3. Apply Toner with Cotton Pad.
4. Select from various Ampules(Concentrate). Softly massage in or penetrate with machine for 5 – 10 minutes.
5. Apply Mask. Mix 30g of the powder with 100ml of Collagen Mask Activate Lotion. Stir vigorously. Then apply a thin coat of the paste with a spatula onto the
skin. Avoid the eye area. Leave it on the skin for 20 – 25 minutes. Then remove the mask by gradually peeling back the film.
6. Apply final care as requested with a day or night cream.