About Us


Farah Cosmetics is specially formulated with high quality ingredients to tackle all your skin care issues. Farah was created by Dermatologists, Herbalists and Estheticians for professionals to get superior results in skin care salons worldwide. For clients that want the best skin care products available. Our products are formulated in Europe by prize winning labs using only the most advanced ingredients that have been approved by the FDA in the USA. Farah Skin Care Line is available for the finest skin care salons in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Just recently we made the line available for clients to purchase directly from our Headquarters in New York. The products are created and tested to satisfy the needs of clients who demand the best results. We create products and experiences for healthier glowing skin and happier lives.

If you are tired of purchasing creams that promise results and do not deliver – try Farah – you will be very glad you did. Farah Cosmetics utilizes advanced technology to create an extensive range of unique formulations to assure the highest and purest quality of skincare products.

Some of the ingredients that are unique to Farah:


Whiter Than Snow Whitening Series was exclusively formulated to include whitening agents, that include a skin lightening complex (comprised of 7 different plants found only in the Swiss Alps). To help in the whitening process of freckles, age, and liver spot, and other blemishes. It has shown to also whiten the skin several shades.

If you have questions please contact us - we also be glad to send you FREE samples ( just send a self-addressed envelope) and we will send you a free sample to try our amazing skin care line.

Contact Us: sales@farahcosmetics.net