Vitamin A Wrinkle Fighting Series

To nurture and repair the skin

No one can turn back the time. The older we are the more our skin shows 'time lines'. The effect of weather and damaging environmental forces intensifies the aging process. The skin on the face and neck area, which is nearly always unprotected, is most at the mercy of wind, weather, sun and dust. This situation calls for a special form of care, The FARAH research team has determined that Vitamin A (Retinol), an important ingredient in skin care, delivers a broad range of efficiency.
FARAH VITAMIN A is an integrated product line for the special care of mature and weather damaged skin. This particularly strong ingredient is a scientifically proven 'anti-wrinkle wonder'. It reduces the visible depth of wrinkles after only a few uses. As a result the skin receives an additional moisture boost and the natural balance is restored to the dry and worn-out skin.