Collagen Bot Care Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit  F-430(1)

Collagen Bot Care Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Kit F-430(1)

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COLLAGEN BOT CARE contains a new blend of non-toxic active ingredients including anti-aging peptides such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 and Oligo peptides, obtained from the chemical combination of natural amino acids that work in a similar way to botulin toxin without changing or distorting facial expressions. Now the anti-facial expression wrinkle power acts where it is needed most .Collagen myoxinol is the main constituent of major fiber bundles, which gives strength to connective tissues. It provides biological space for cell replication and differentiation, which is indispensable for embryonic development, organogenesis, individual growth, and wound repair. As a result of various external environmental influences, such as pollution, prolonged exposure to sunrays, tense emotions, drug intakes, the natural aging process, etc., collagen inside the skin tissue gradually diminishes, resulting in a lowered capability of the skin to retain water and nutrients.

Ref.# F-430(1)

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