Acne & Blemish Prevention Concentrate F-230B (4mlX20 pcs)

  • $82.00

Acne & Blemish Prevention is Phase 2 in the Acne Concentrate Series. It treats problematic skin with small infections, inflamed pimples, swelling, and strong inflammation. It also stimulates the skin’s healing process while regulating the skin’s sebum secretion, resulting in the prevention of future acne and blemishes.

Active Ingredients: Sulfur, Zinc, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Anti-Acne Complex, Vitamin B.
    Application: Apply directly to the area that needs to be treated or to entire face for an active prevention.
    When purchasing, it is best to also use the BREAKOUT CONTROL as phase 1. After acne starts to heal, use Phase 2 F-230B Acne & Blemish Prevention. Product  Can be  used with High Frequency, LED,Galvanic, or Bio Light machines.
    Suitable Skin Type: Oily and acne skin.. External Use Only

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