Farah CAVIAR COLLAGEN EYE TREATMENT F-986(25 SETS)-Eye Care Series-BeautyPlaza2015

Farah Caviar Collagen Eye Treatment F-986(25 sets)

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Farah Caviar Collagen Eye Treatment F-986(25 SETS)
This treatment is effective for activating tissue cells and strengthening
the skin’s vital functions, which is due in part to the amount of pure
collagen contained within. When Caviar Serum and Collagen Eye Mask
are used together, the fine lines around the eyes are diminished, eye sacs
are tightened, and dark circles are lightened. It is also applicable on the
forehead and mouth corners to improve skin elasticity and reduce
Active Ingredients for Mask: Collagen
Active Ingredients for Caviar Serum: Glycerin, Sodium DNA
Application: Clean the skin thoroughly. Apply the Caviar Eye Serum
evenly onto the skin. Place the collagen mask firmly against the skin.
Soak each piece of collagen mask with the remaining Serum until they turn
to a translucent gel form. Leave on for 25-30 minutes for absorption, then
remove the mask. Apply Eye Gel as final care.
Skin Types: For All Skin Types
25 Sets in a Box

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