Farah CSIII Timeless Transfer Lift Serum F-527 (150ml)

  • $124.00

Farah CSIII Timeless Transfer Lift Serum F-527 (150ml)

A powerful new weapon in the war against wrinkles. This new cream combines ASC III with encapsulated vitamin A, E, and F, offering timed release of the active ingredients to give the skin lasting protection. Protects the same long-lasting depot effect by moisture loss and has a balancing effect on the lipid metabolism.

Application: use 2-3 times a week as a cure. Timeless Transfer Lift can be used as a permanent treatment as well. Apply everyday in the morning and/or in the evening as a sole care or before applying a caring cream.

Active agent: ASC III, Vitamin A, E, F

Suitable for Dry and Normal skin types

Ref: F-527

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