Farah Whitening Day & Night Cream F-603 (150ml)

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A cream with highly effective whitening agents, Alpha Arbutin and Alpine plant derived skin lightener (composed of 7 different plants found only in the Swiss Alps), help in the bleaching process of freckles, age spots, liver spots, and other blemishes. This cream is light in texture, non-oily, and has a high moisturizing effect with Moist 24, which is rich in Alpine Plant extracts and Alpha Arbutin. It restores radiance to the skin while protecting the skin from harmful environmental conditions. When combined with the serum, the effectiveness of the whitening process increases. An advanced, high performance cream with whitening properties to even out skin tone and texture for a luminous complexion.
- Application: Apply on to skin every morning, after it has been cleansed and both the toner and serum has been applied.
- Active Ingredients:   Alpine Plant-Derived Skin Lightener, Moist 24, Alpha Arbutin, Uva, Provitamin B5, White Genepi Extract.
- Suitable for all skin types
Ref.#: F-603 (150ml)

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