Farah Whitening Serum F-604 (150ml)

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Farah Whitening Serum F-604 (150ml)
A concentrated corrective treatment to whiten skin that has been darkened or spotted by UV exposures. It protects the skin against UV rays during the day and eliminates melanin during the night. It leaves skin feeling smooth and looking brighter. It also restores radiance to the skin while protecting the skin from harmful environmental conditions. When combined with the whitening cream, the effectiveness of the whitening process increases.
- Active Ingredients:    ALPINE PLANT DERIVED SKIN LIGHTENER,                                                          PENTAVITIN, AL PHA-ARBUTIN, PULLULAN, ALGAE                                              EXTRACT, MELISSA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT.
- Application:               Apply every morning and/or evening after skin has been                                            cleansed and tonic has been used.
- Suitable for all skin types.
Ref.#: F-604 (150 ml)

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