PURISMA - Plasma Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

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PURISMA creates and delivers patient-friendly energy in the form of ‘PLASMA’ to purify and rejuvenate skin by improving facial lines and wrinkles. Also, it is effective to various types of scars as well as skin pigmentation associated with photoaging.

PURISMA energy is transferred into every layer of skin by specially designed JET handpiece and SPOT handpeice which provide various applications from Inject to Space and Touch.




SPOT HP can be equipped with Round Needle or Fine Needle. Depending on each needle, various treatment can perform Whitening effect, Pore minimization, Anti-bacteria, and Acne treatment.

JET HP is equipped with semi- permanent & exchangeable JET Tip. Square-shaped ceramic tip generates low-electricity plasma to purify & sterilize patients’ skin.



PURISMA is Non-Invasive Treatment, Clinically Proven, Cost Cutting, Time-Saving, Wide range of treatment

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■ Specification:

Power Input: AC 120~240V;   Maximum Output PowerSPOT : 2.5 W / 70khz;  JET : 4.0 W / 12khz

Dimension:  Main Unit: 28(W) 30(D) 11(H) cm;  Hand Piece: 24(W) 4(D) 5(H) cm

Weight: - Main Unit: 2.2kg, - Hand Piece: 0.2kg

 This is high tech Equipment , Please allow 4~6 weeks lead to process shipment if item is not in inventory . Email us for detail .

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