ASC Antiseptic Lotion F-1118 (200ml)

  • $34.00

The lotion reduces oiliness and tightens the pores, while regulating oil production. It has a long term balancing effect and leaves the skin feeling soft and soothed. This solution helps the skin to stay matte during the day without the use of powder, it helps to regulate excess sebaceous secretion.

Application: Apply in the morning (can be used several times a day in the beginning) with a cotton pad especially in the T-Zone and to treat skin with inflammation or acne and allow the product to take effect in a few minutes the  white film shows that it absorbed any excess sebum. It can be removed with the Sebum Cleanser. After you treated your follow up using the Oil Free Lotion.

Suitable for Oily, Acne, Combination Skin Types

Ref.#: F-1118 (200ml)

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