Farah ASC Aloe Vera Super Moist F-1119 (50ml)

  • $40.00

Farah ASC Aloe Vera Super Moist F-1119 (50ml)
Aloe Vera Super Moisturizer is a marvelously light moisturizer based on extracts of natural aloe vera. 90% of natural aloe vera extract is combined with additional moisturizing factors,increasing the ability of the skin to bind to water, counteract dryness symptoms, and improve the ability of the cells to regenerate.
Active Agent: Aloe Vera.
Application: Apply twice daily after using the cleanser and tonic.
Add oil free lotion for oily and acne skin as final care.Tonic
Skin type: Suitable for all skin types, especially oily, acne, dry, and sensitive skin
Ref. #: F-1119 (50ml)

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